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The music of The Light Aluminum lands somewhere in the intersection between country, blues, and blue eyed soul filtered through a grimy garage blender. At the end of their first gig in June of this year one fan described the show as "if Lou Reed was backed by The Band." Another said "sort of like The Rolling Stones covering Randy Newman."

Sure, why not? That's as good as any other way of putting it.

The most important thing you need to know is this. Yes, they're doing it this way on purpose, it's supposed to sound like that.

So who are these guys? 

The band is fronted by Adoniram Lipton, longtime singer and songwriter for the now retired Slowtrain in Austin TX. Despite moderate success with that group (some stuff on TV and Film... notably Sons Of Anarchy, The Pitch, and a movie starring the dude from that Silicon Valley show), Adoniram felt that today's dark times called for something a bit, well... lighter.

Slowtrain called itself "music you'd play in cold weather" and that was an apt description. Following that same line of thinking, The Light Aluminum is supposed to be music you would play outside. Or maybe in a barn in the Catskills. It's not garage rock. It's not country. Is it barn rock?

So here's the deal... put down your phone, shut off your laptop, turn off whatever device is displaying this text for you. Walk out your door and stand alongside other humans and listen to music played by still more humans.

You might just find something you thought you'd forgotten. You might find something you were afraid was lost. You might look around the room and see someone who doesn't act like you or look like you or think like you and say... "hey, people aren't so bad after all."

Don't worry, your secret is safe. Just don't forget to tip your bartender!


Adoniram Lipton - Vocals, Organ, Piano, Guitar

Josh Wienholt - Drums