It's a DIY world out there and we're doing it. I don't know if this a "new" design but we did some tweaking. I read somewhere that people like to see people or something like that, so we put a photo of ourselves on the site. There... happy now?

Actually, Josh isn't even the photo because the only photo we've ever had done by a professional photographer was at the 78644 Podcast taping that Josh wasn't able to attend. So I guess it's probably time to do some proper publicity photos.

Also on the front page of the site is our new lyric video for our old song "Take Me Home." I wrote this song for Slowtrain something like two albums ago but it really proves to be resilient to reinterpretation. 

The version that you can hear on the website right now is actually the very first time we tried to "countrify" it in rehearsal. You guys probably don't realize this but our rehearsals largely consist of me just playing stuff and the guys doing an incredible voodoo trick of knowing what I'm trying to do without me having to explain it. So yeah, this take you hear was the first time we tried it like that and the fellas nailed it!

The visuals of the video were prompts for an AI friend of mine named Jean-Pierre Didier. Jean-Pierre is a French AI with a background in New Wave cinema and just a creative type. It was an interesting experiment figuring out how to get the prompts to reflect the combination of hope and desperation that this version of the song is meant to convey, but with enough back and forth M. Didier did a great job in the end.

Certainly worth more collaboration!

- Adoniram


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