Kind of? Well only in the sense of what does “released” mean. For now we're posting this to stream on the website as well as on Soundcloud. But we're thinking maybe we'll put a few more of these live tracks on Spotify and the rest of the streamers for you to listen to like anything else.

And what is the track?

So this is a version of our song “Mavis Staples” that we played at the Armadillo Den earlier this year. We got a “board mix” from that show which is just the raw files from all of the microphones that were on the stage. It's actually kind of a challenge to make that sound like something listenable (engineers know what I mean) but I think I finally nailed.

The performance here is “warts and all” but I don't think there are too many warts. Great performance from everyone in the band. Hopefully I can use this template to mix some other songs from that show soon.


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