This Friday will see us returning to the stage at Rustic Tap in downtown Austin for a double set starting at 9pm. This will mark our fourth show at the venue and each one as been a blast. Not gonna lie... playing for a hundred people is generally a lot more fun than ten people. Just sayin'. 

We've also added a date at ABGB. If you don't know, ABGB is home to great pizza, award winning craft beer, and some of the best music booking in town. We're excited to play there! Look for us on the calendar for September 15th at 7pm, save the date...

And finally, expect to see a mix of a live recording of a song we played a few months ago at Armadillo Lounge. We'll put it up on SoundCloud first and, at some point, maybe package a few together and put them on the other streaming services. 

Keep watching this page to see the timing on all that. Let us know what you think!

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