Well that's a good question, so glad you asked.

We're going to be taking some time over the next few months to mix and release some music for everyone. Whether or not that's studio stuff or live stuff or other kind of stuff... well that remains to be seen. But we're kind of overdue to get some music out there that people who come to our shows can listen to.

We have a complete board recording (that just means the sound straight off of the sound board) of a show we played a few months ago at the Armadillo Den which, with a little bit of mixing, could probably be released. And then there's the reams and reams of rehearsal recordings.

What's the hold up?

I just need to sit down and get the mixes done. So here is my official commitment on a (new) blog that literally nobody reads. Gonna get those mixes done and get 'em out to the world somehow. You heard it here first.

- Adoniram

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