Are you listening?


Click the little triangle at the bottom of your phone or maybe the one right above this text and you'll hear the music. That's what The Light Aluminum sounds like. The music is played by human beings in a room. They play instruments that are made out of wood and they play them at the same time.

Sometimes they even play them at the wrong time because that's what happens when the music is played by humans.

But if you can't listen right now for whatever reason, here's the rundown.

Imagine if Lou Reed had spent his time at Big Pink instead of The Factory. You're getting warm. The Band joins up with Velvet Underground and maybe asks Randy Newman to contribute a few guest tunes. It's the same vein Dr. Dog was tapping and maybe even a stream from the same Kentucky river that My Morning Jacket dipped before it made its way to Nathaniel Rateliff. 

The Light Aluminum is DIY all the way. Here's the recipe...

Pile up a bunch of random gear in a room in an industrial park in Austin. Squeeze an upright piano in there while you're at it and leave room for a big dusty console. Record everything you do. Everything. See if there's anything that's any good. If there is, bring it back to the home studio out in the hill country and finish it off.

If not? Well, they kind of like stuff on the rough and ready side they'll let you listen to that too.

And you? The listener? You know what you're getting. There's no trickery, no studio magic. No gridded out beats and no auto-tune. It's just five human beings in a room playing instruments made out of wood.

Do you like it? Great.

Click the calendar and go see them for yourself. Write the address down on paper and then lock your phone away and come to the show. You're not going to need it.

See you there.

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